Exhibition History

William Barnhart | Exhibition and Workshop

Richard Bolton | New

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc | Women in Nature

Susan Hurrell Fieldes | 185 Chairs

Jessica Gunn | Artist in Residence

Madeline Mortiaux | Please Don't Abandon Me

Madeline Mortiaux | Rarotonga

Rachel Ratten | As The World Turns

Margot Burns | Hidden Realities Photography Exhibition

Bob Kerr | Three Wise Men of Kurow

Brent Forbes | Urban

Grant Finch | Exhibition

Susan Hurrell Fieldes | Layers of Her

Jessica Gunn | Child Series

Gallery Spaces. The Manse | July 2014

Gallery Spaces. The Hall | July 2014

Wendy Clarke | Dissonance

Geraldine High School | Wearable Arts 2014

Nuaj Photography | NO PARKING

Madeleine Child | Popcorn

Michael O'Kane | On Assignment

Sarah Deans | From My Garden

Ewan McDougall | It's Life, Jim

Thomson | Alpress | Noticing, Keeping Preserving.

Rosemary Campbell | Contemplation

Michael Deavoll | Confluence of Histories

Sarah Backler | Ceramic Espresso Cup Set

SUSAN WILSON | Katherine Mansfield Paintings

Susanna Izard | A Series of Mistakes