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Current Exhibitions

Indigo Exhibition

Indigo @ McAtamney Gallery

1 November 2023 - 10 December 2023

Andrew Craig


9 November 2022 - 11 December 2022

Marilyn Jessop

Marilyn Jessop

14 August 2022 - 18 September 2022

Catherine Coster

Spirit Led

22 May 2022 - 23 June 2022

Heimler & Proc

Free As A Bird

5 March 2022

Collective Art Exhibition

A Showcase of Expertise

12 November 2021 - 30 December 2021

Jennifer Harrison

Memories and Impressions

Simon Schollum

Through the Looking Glass

Susanna Izard

Clarity and Beauty in a Mad World

Wednesday 11 November 2020 | 6pm

Norah Johnson

Homage to Home

10 October 2020

Philippa Wilson

Into the Great Wide Open

21 March 2020

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

Gauguin in Aotearoa

15 February 2020

Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibition History

Richard Bolton

Richard Bolton | A Brush with Spring

13 November 2019

Bernadette Parsons


20 July 2019

Kate Beatty


Simon Schollum


Janelle Wilson

He Wahine, He Tapu, The Sanctity of Women

24 February 2017

Rosemary Campbell

New Works

Susie Millichamp


Rachael Dewhirst

In the box

November 2016

Susanna Izard

Still Life

Arts and Plants Weekend

Rachel Callander

Made of Mud and Stardust

Heimler and Proc

The Hedge

William Barnhart

Exhibition and Workshop

21st April - 23rd April

Richard Bolton


Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

Women in Nature

Susan Hurrell Fieldes

185 Chairs

21 February 2016

Jessica Gunn

Artist in Residence

13 November - 14 November

Madeline Mortiaux

Please Don't Abandon Me

June 2015

Madeline Mortiaux


Rachel Ratten

As The World Turns

19 April 2015

Margot Burns

Hidden Realities Photography Exhibition


Bob Kerr

Three Wise Men of Kurow

12th October 2014

Brent Forbes


15 March 2015

Grant Finch


Susan Hurrell Fieldes

Layers of Her

15 February 2015 - 12 March 2015

Jessica Gunn

Child Series

Gallery Spaces. The Manse

July 2014

Gallery Spaces. The Hall

July 2014

Wendy Clarke


10th August 2014

Geraldine High School

Wearable Arts 2014

Nuaj Photography


Madeleine Child


Michael O'Kane

On Assignment

Sarah Deans

From My Garden

- 29 September 2013

Ewan McDougall

It's Life, Jim

Sunday 19th May - 4pm

Thomson | Alpress

Noticing, Keeping Preserving.

Rosemary Campbell


Michael Deavoll

Confluence of Histories

Sarah Backler

Ceramic Espresso Cup Set


Katherine Mansfield Paintings

Susanna Izard

A Series of Mistakes

27 April 2014 - 25 May 2014